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What is painting?

Painting is taking a liquid-like material of different colors (or you can mix different colors) and putting your thoughts and ideas on paper.

What is in paint?

in paint there is pigment,binder and solvents.pigment is to make the colour of the paint,binder is to protect the sufface that it is put on ans solvents are just in it to make (MORE)

Why do you paint?

We paint because it improves the look and feel of our home. It adds character and personality. To improve the appearance of your home, both inside and outside. To increase the (MORE)

Is water paint the cheapest paint?

water? water colors or latex? if latex, doesn't matter anyway. brands and sheens are what determine price. that being said, latex is easier to work with- drying time, cleanup
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Will acrylic paint paint an umbrella?

I gues that's a good idea, when the umbrella is made of polyester or some other synthetic material. Make sure it soaks in, then it will hold, and do some layers that you lea (MORE)
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Why do you have paintings?

The purpose of painting is to show the beauty of your mind to others. painting is on of the most creative work.