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What is a Paisley design?

Named after the town of Paisley in Scottland or The town in Scottland was named after the Paisley pattern?? I'm not sure but, The Paisley pattern came from India and got shipp ( Full Answer )
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What are paisley shoes?

they're shoes with a very interesting pattern on them. Go to google images and look up paisley shoes and you'll see them
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How big is paisley?

Paisley is the largest town in Scotland, with a population of 74,000. It also the 5th largest settlement in Scotland, after the cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Du ( Full Answer )
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Quickest way to travel to Paisley?

If it's Paisley, Glasgow then the quickest way is a flight to Glasgow International Airport (not Prestwick airport). The airport is a 5 minute drive from Paisley Town Centre.
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Does brad paisley wear boots?

yes in all his concerts he does and in pictures he does but sometimes he wears tennie shoes (shox)
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Does Brad Paisley dye his hair?

he could its his life it look great the way it is brad and Keith 4eva
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How do you spell paisley?

That is the correct spelling of "paisley" (swirled color designs named for the Scottish city).
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Is Paisley a noun?

Yes, the noun 'Paisley' (upper case P) is a noun, a propernoun , the name of a person or a place. The noun 'paisley' (lower case p) is a common noun , a wordfor a pattern o ( Full Answer )