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Why were pajamas made?

Im guessing so that we had something cozy and comfortable to wear when we go to bed. No one wants to wear jeans or a dress to bed!
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Why were pajamas invented?

I think pajamas were invented so there would be a special piece ofclothes that people could wear. What do you you think?
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Who are bananas in pajamas?

they a two adorable and intelligent bananas (dressed in pajames oviously) on a babies telivision show that teach kids what is right and wrong. They are called B1 and B2 and ha ( Full Answer )
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Why are there snowmen on your pajamas?

During the winter season retailers will like to put Christmas objects (in this case snowmen) on their pajamas because it may premote the winter season or a Christmas sale.
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When were pajamas made?

I think pajamas go back a very long way in India as sleeping attire. The British Raj popularised them and took the idea back to Britain. They soon caught on and spread through ( Full Answer )
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Why are pajamas called pajamas?

The word "pyjama" or "pajama", which originally derives from the word was incorporated into the English language during http:/ ( Full Answer )
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How to sew pajama?

The easiest way to sew pajamas is to use a pattern. First, cut outthe pieces that the pattern provides to you in the right sizes.Second, pin together the pieces according to t ( Full Answer )
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What is the plural of pajamas?

The word pajamas is one of a group of nouns that the singular is ashortened form for 'a pair of...'. These are called a binary noun,a word for something made up of two parts t ( Full Answer )
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What language is pajamas?

"Pajamas" is now an English word, but it was adopted from the Hindi language by Europeans in India and other parts of Southern Asia. In Hindi, it refers to loose-fitting pants ( Full Answer )