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Where is the Assyrian Palace?

There are no remaining palaces of the Assyrian Empire. If anything miraculously remained, it is most likely to be in ruins. But there are a lot of historical tablets, stone pi (MORE)

What can you do at buckingham palace?

You can watch the Changing of the Guards on most days (if you can get anywhere near it for tourists). You can also visit the Queens Gallery, an exhibition of paintings which a (MORE)
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Why should you visit Versailles Palace?

Because it is a European Landmark, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and certainly one of the finest historical sites and museums in th world. Perhaps someday the Restorations will (MORE)

How does the queen spend her day in the palace?

The queen Gets LOADS of mail every day even Christmas day .... She finds everything out before the Government such as if Birmingham was going to build a new museum the queen w (MORE)
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Why was the palace de versaille designed?

Glory and politics; to show off the wealth and power of France to the world, and to collect the great nobles (who in the previous century had shown a tendency to make war on t (MORE)

Where is the Linderhof Palace located?

Linderhof Palace ('Schloss Linderhof' in German) is located in Bavaria in the South of Germany. It lies to the South West of Munich, between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Fuessen (MORE)

How do you get to Zeus' palace?

You must give Zeus all five sacred objects for him but he will make you remain mortal. you must then get Hercules. he will help you through the throne room of hades and he wil (MORE)
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What is the palace of Westminster?

The Palace of Westminster is the official name of the two houses of the British Parliament - the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
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