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Does the Duke of Westminster own Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace is owned by the "Queen in right of the Crown". Meaning that she doesn't own it as a private person but rather as the personification of the crown. As long as (MORE)

What was the Statute of Westminster?

In 1931, the British parliament passed the Statute of Westminster,  a law that gave formal recognition to all countries with Dominion  status full independence, stating that (MORE)

What queen was buried in Westminster Abbey?

  according to the Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia there are Five Sovereign Queens interred in Westminster Abbey, plus the consorts and descendants of Kings. from what I kn (MORE)
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What is the palace of Westminster?

The Palace of Westminster is the official name of the two houses of the British Parliament - the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
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What is Westminster Abbey used for?

Westminster Abbey is a church in Westminster, London, England. Coronations and royal weddings are typically held at Westminster Abbey, and the church also serves as a burial p (MORE)