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What is dolceforte sauce?

It is an ancient italian way (1300)) to cook wild meat, it is a sauce made by a mix of raisins chocolate, candied fruit, sugar and vinegar added to mix of vegetables, wine, an (MORE)

What in milanese sauce?

Milanese is a sauce originating in the Western Lombard Region; Northern Italy, near Milan. A common preparation includes vegetable or chicken stock, onions (or shallots), mush (MORE)

What is slabber sauce?

Slabber Sauce was a spicy sauce made out of pepper to cover up the pulpy Horse Beans fed to the slaves. The beans were cheap and had protein and could keep the slaves alive.

What is Hollandaise sauce and its derivative sauces?

Hollandaise sauce is a base sauce, an emulsion of melted butter and egg yolk. It is traditionally seasoned with lemon juice, but can be seasoned with just about any citrus or (MORE)

What is yr sauce?

YR = 'Yorkshire Relish' ( Actually Thick Yorkshire Relish). A 'Brown Sauce' similar to 'HP Sauce', a condiment native to IRELAND, same vintage/loyalty as 'Salad Cream' or 'San (MORE)

Is hot sauce a sauce?

yes, sauces are usually sauces. wow why do u think it called "hot sauce"? of corse its a sauce silly
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