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What is tilt correction in paleomagnetism?

\nIf you sample a section, you have a specific direction in which you have drilled your sample. By applying a rotation matrix containing the bearing and the plunge of the dril (MORE)
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How does paleomagnetism work?

Paleomagnetism basically works by comparing old data with new data.They compare record history of the direction and intensity of themagnetic field of the Earth with new data j (MORE)

Why is paleomagnetism important?

Paleomagnetism is an important tool used to unravel Earth's pastmovements of tectonic plates. By studying the magnetic fields leftin rocks, scientists have learned how the con (MORE)

What is evidence of paleomagnetism?

Magnetic particles suspended in liquid magma align themselves with the Earth's field, and when the magma solidifies they retain that alignment even after the direction of the (MORE)
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Who invented the paleomagnetism theory?

No one person invented or developed the theory of paleomagnetism. Several different scientists contributed to the development of the theory of paleomagnetism.