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Where can you get paleontology degree?

I believe what we are referring to here is Paleozoology, with a specialty in Paleontology (thus, paleontologists). You can obtain this information by going to www.collegeboa (MORE)

What do paleontology wear?

It truly depends on what the situation is. If you are collecting dinosaurs, you are not commonly in a dangerous, rocky area, so light clothing that covers your skin, protect (MORE)

Why paleontology is important?

Paleontology is important because it allows scientists to create a much more complete map of evolution, and also even helps to demonstrate evolution. Fossils are direct docume (MORE)

What are facts about paleontology?

Paleontology is scientists working with fossils. they dig up the fossils and research them. Fossils are making some scientists believe that evolution is true. Some fossils loo (MORE)
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What is paleontology for?

Paleontology is the study of ancient or prehistoric life on earth. Its main goal is to investigate the evolution of plant and animal species as well as the earth's ancient eco (MORE)

Is paleontology competitive?

That sort of depends on what you mean by competitive. People compete for money to do paleontology, but it isn't as cut-throat as biology. Generally there are so few paleontolo (MORE)

Who discovered paleontology?

One of the earliest was Mary Anning, who lived in England from  1799-1834. She is credited with finding the first ichthyosaur and  plesiosaur specimens. Very little is known (MORE)

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