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What is Palermo?

\nPalermo is the capital of, and the largest city on, the island of Silicy, part of Italy. It is situated near the western end of the northern coast of the island which is, o (MORE)

Who was Captain Joseph Charles Palermo?

Captain Joseph Charles Palermo was a pioneer in flight and aeronautics. His plane "Baby Ace" was the first airplane to incorporate the gull wing style of design. He had nine c (MORE)

What is the Italian 'Palermo' in English?

" All-port " is an English equivalent of " Palermo ." Specifically, the Italian word owes its origins to the language of ancient Greek navigators, settlers and visitors to (MORE)

What has the author Palermo written?

Palermo has written: 'Palermo Zeichnungen, 1963-73' 'Palermo' -- subject(s): Abstract Art, Exhibitions 'Palermo: euvres, 1963-1977' 'Palermo' -- subject(s): Abstract A (MORE)

What has the author Antonio Palermo written?

Antonio Palermo has written: 'Solitudine del moralista' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation 'Da Mastriani a Viviani' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Italian (MORE)