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Who are the Palestinians?

Palestinian people today is one of the terms referring mainly to Arab people with family origins in Palestine. The religion of Palestinians is primarily Islam, but there are o (MORE)

What are the Palestinian Territories?

The Palestinian Territories is a term used to refer to the areas of the former British Mandate of Palestine that were not under Israeli or Syrian control by the end of the Ara (MORE)

What is the Palestinian Homeland?

Palestinians are those Arabs who trace their origins to the former  British Mandate of Palestine, so that area could be considered  their homeland. However, it is worth noti (MORE)

What religion are the Palestinians?

The majority of Palestinians are Muslim, but there is a significant  minority of various christian denominations.   Palestine is a large area in the Middle East. There ar (MORE)

Is Palestinian a nationality?

Yes. The State of Palestine, which is currently based out of  Ramallah with a symbolic capital at Abu Dis (the closest West Bank  suburb to East Jerusalem), issues passports (MORE)
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What Middle Eastern state that had a delicate balance between Christians and Muslims was upset by the influx of Palestinian refugees after the war in 1948?

Lebanon is the country in question. Eventually, the arrival of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in the early 1970s resulted in the Lebanese Civil War between Shiites, L (MORE)

How many Palestinians are christian?

In West Bank and Gaza: 50,000 (fifty thousand Palestinian Christians) "less than 2% of the population", the majority is in Bethlehem (about 30,000), unfortunately christians a (MORE)

What do Palestinians believe in?

In terms of religion, most Palestinians are Sunni Muslims with a  minority of Christians. "Druze Palestinians" and "Jewish  Palestinians" typically identify with Israel more (MORE)

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