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What is palying cards?

It is meant to be "playing cards"; on my Google search there is a website just above that spells playing incorrectly.
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At pali adventures camp where do we sleep?

At Pali Adventures Summer Camp, you sleep in cabins with 9 other campers and 2 counselors. The cabins are equipped with 3 bathrooms and shelving for all of your items!

Did any Pali cribs get recalled?

According to a statement on Pali's website:§ion=customer_services&subsection=products_ (MORE)
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How is cheerleadind palyed?

Cheerleading can be competitive (you compete to get medals) or on the sidelines of a sport (Football or Basketball) You don't really play cheerleading, because its not a game, (MORE)

Who palyed Batman?

Lewis Wilson became the first actor to portray Batman on screen , followed by Robert Lowery , Adam West played the original Batman on TV , followed by Michael Keaton , Val Kil (MORE)
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When was football started as a palying game?

if you are talking about american football it was started in the 1880s 1890s and it was a very crude version of the game we play today there were no forward passes and almost (MORE)