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What is palying cards?

It is meant to be "playing cards"; on my Google search there is a website just above that spells playing incorrectly.
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Who palys soccer?

Anyone who wants to (including me!) That is in good shape and can kick a soccer ball !
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What is the typical sports palyed in Italy?

Typical exercises in Italy aresoccer, volleyball, water polo, basketball, they also like playing fencing, ice hockey, & formula one racing.Those are typical exercises in Italy (MORE)
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Did any Pali cribs get recalled?

According to a statement on Pali's website:§ion=customer_services&subsection=products_ (MORE)
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How is cheerleadind palyed?

Cheerleading can be competitive (you compete to get medals) or on the sidelines of a sport (Football or Basketball) You don't really play cheerleading, because its not a game, (MORE)
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Who palyed Batman?

Lewis Wilson became the first actor to portray Batman on screen , followed by Robert Lowery , Adam West played the original Batman on TV , followed by Michael Keaton , Val Kil (MORE)
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What is the meaning of SANKARA in Pali language?

well sankara is an ancient spirit who is known to have sent the snake to cleopatra.she wanted to take the mask of anubis and rule the underworld. tutakhamen destroyed her fore (MORE)
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Is One Direction palying in Chicago?

They opened up for Big Time Rush on February 24, 2012. That was their first American concert. Then they had their own concert for Chicago on June 2, 2012 for their Up All Nigh (MORE)