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List of palindromes?

Some palindromes:   racecar, radar, eye, noon, toot, sees, pop, mom, dad, wow, ewe,  madam, kayak, deed, peep, civic, repaper, refer, rotavator, solos,  stats, tot, Nava (MORE)

What is the longest palindrome?

While there are many computer-generated thousand-word palindromes,  almost none make consistent sense. In the Finnish language, there  is a 25-letter single-word palindrome, (MORE)

What is a string palindrome?

A string palindrome is some words that put together form asentence. An example is "A man, a plan, a canal - Panama".
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Why 196 is not a palindrome?

  It would be palindromic if it was 191, or 696. Palindromes refer to numbers, words, or phrases that can be read the same both ways. In this case, 196 read backwards woul (MORE)

Is 29 a palindrome?

No, it is not. A palindrome is a word that reads the same backward as forward. For example, Mom is a palindrome because if you read it either way (Front or back) it is "Mo (MORE)

What is the algorithm for palindrome?

How about a Perl compatible regular expression for grep? I guess that's an algorithm. This one will search for seven-letter palindromes: grep -P '(?=^.{7}$)(.)(.)(.).\\3\\2\ (MORE)