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Where do I go for golf in Palm Springs?

I included a good link to read about each golf course in the Palm Springs area. The PGA West TPC Stadium course is beautiful but a little challenging. I also like the Shadow R (MORE)

What is the driving distance from Palm Springs to Fresno California?

The driving distance between Fresno, CA and Palm Springs, CA is approximately 325 miles. The driving time would be approximately 5 hours 30 minutes if you were to travel non-s (MORE)

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What is the driving route from Vancouver Canada to Palm Springs California?

Take HIGHWAY 99 SOUTH from Vancouver to U.S.A. where HIGHWAY 99 becomes I-5. You will be crossing at the PEACE ARCH X-ING.Continue on I-5 SOUTH all the way down to I-210 EAST (MORE)

How far away is Palm Springs International Airport from Palm Desert California?

About 12 miles following HIGHWAY 111 - NORTH (towards PALM SPRINGS). To get to the airport, turn left off of CA-111 (on Gene Autry Trail in Palm Springs) onto RAMON RD to the (MORE)