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How t login the paltalk voice chat?

Just log in, of course you need to register first. Paltalk does not accept new members from some countries, but this is another story.
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Paltalk unable to connect tc 2120?

i want to make a account in Paltalk but i received this message that unable to connect (tc-2120) what should i do for registration to paltalk?
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What is paltalk download used for?

Paltalk allows you to chat with people all over the world via hundreds of chat rooms. Depending on the version you choose to use, it is free or costs up to $29.95/month.
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What services does Paltalk offer?

As the name would imply, paltalk offers a venue in which to talk with pals. Specifically, it is a site which offers live video chat and 10-way camera video calls, the former b ( Full Answer )
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Where could one download Paltalk?

Paltalk can be downloaded from the official website of the company or from many 3rd party downloading sites such as CNet. Paltalk also offer Andriod based software that can be ( Full Answer )
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What service does the website Paltalk provide?

The service offered by Paltalk is a free video chat and conferencing service, with video chat rooms. It is a free service and must be downloaded onto a computer. It can also b ( Full Answer )