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What are pampas?

The Pampas are a large grassland biome in South America Pampas is treeless grassland of Argentina and Uruguay, but mostly in Argentina.
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What country are the pampas in?

Most often thought of as exclusively a part of Argentina, it also includes a portion of Southern Brazil and all of Uruguay.
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What country is pampas in?

Pampas is a beautiful plain that is found in Argentina. It actuallyextends all the way to Uruguay which is what makes it unique.
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What is pampas in Argentina?

Helle, the Pampas is a region is Argentina that has a lot of vegetation and has mild climate.
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What is an example of a pampas?

a pampas is a wimpy little teenage girl. who sucks on her thumb and eats lokipops for dinner.
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Why is the pampas important?

It's a 100% method to check if you have longer feet than usual, but generally speaking, if you have size greater than ten, then that's pretty big. As Lincoln used to say: "A s (MORE)
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Where are the llanos and pampas?

The llanos and pampas are the plains and grasslands of Argentina,mostly in the northern parts of the country.