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How do you pamper a girl?

--- Be nice to her, say nice things to her, give her gifts and be an all round gentlemen.. --- Do some homework and find out what she really likes or what makes her day (if p (MORE)

How do i pamper my boyfriend?

Consider how he became your boyfriend in the first place and try to keep treating him that way.. Cooking for him is good; if you aren't a good cook it's worth learning for bo (MORE)

How to pamper your pets.?

For dogs: Brush your dog every day until his fur is nice and soft. Tell him you love him regularly. Take him for walks, give him baths, make sure he likes his food, etc. If he (MORE)

How do you pamper yourself?

What you should do when you need a good pamper is just have a blast! Turn on some good girly tunes and have a nice relaxing bath, put a face mask on light some candles and u (MORE)

How do you pamper your mum?

You could: * Make her tea/coffee/cocoa every morning for her so that she needn't be bothered. * Offer to give her a massage when she is tired. * Offer to give her a mani (MORE)

How can you pamper your bunny?

1.Clean his/her cage 2. Make sure if there is wire on the bottom cover it with card board then paper shreds this will require cage cleaning more often when you clean it again (MORE)
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How do you pamper your daughter?

It depends on how old she is and what she likes...if she likes material things, take her shopping, if she likes company, spend time with her. Basically ask her what would make (MORE)