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Why do Pandavas share a single wife?

Because their mother said so. Arjuna won Draupadi in an archery/bravery competition. When he returned home with the prize, his mother (not knowing that the prize was a girl) (MORE)

Who are the father and mother of pancha pandava?

The father's name is Pandu. His two wives were Kunti and Madri. I cannot find reference to Pancha as one of the brothers; I believe this is a word describing a geographic regi (MORE)

Is karna a pandava?

No!First he was not a pandava ner the kaurava.And because Karna want to kill arjuna Bheema said no way!But Dhuryodhana was wild to hear Bheema and made Karna the King of anga. (MORE)

Who was the pandava king?

Yudhistir was the pandava king. He was eldest of 5 brothers. He later became the ruler of Hastinapur.