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What is a pandav or pandava?

The sons of king Pandu were called the Pandavas. They were the lead characters in the Hindu epic mahabharata
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Conch's names for pandava brothers?

Yudhisthir -- Anantvijaya Bhima -- Paundra Arjuna -- Devadutta Nakula -- Sughosha Sahdeva -- Manipushpaka
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Why do Pandavas share a single wife?

Because their mother said so. Arjuna won Draupadi in an archery/bravery competition. When he returned home with the prize, his mother (not knowing that the prize was a girl) (MORE)
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Is karna a pandava?

No!First he was not a pandava ner the kaurava.And because Karna want to kill arjuna Bheema said no way!But Dhuryodhana was wild to hear Bheema and made Karna the King of anga. (MORE)
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What had dronacharya taught the Pandava?

Dronacharya was the royal guru for both the Pandavas and Kauravas. He taught them Military arts like sword fighting, Archery etc
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Who are the 5 pandavas?

Dharma , Bheem , Arjun , Nakul , Sahadev. They are the sons of Pandu.
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Who was the pandava king?

Yudhistir was the pandava king. He was eldest of 5 brothers. He later became the ruler of Hastinapur.