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What is Pangaea?

Pangaea was a large, ancient landmass that was composed of all thecontinents joined together, also called a "supercontinent." Itsname is Ancient Greek: Pan meaning entire (MORE)
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What was Pangaea?

Pangaea was a supercontinent that formed approximately 300 millionyears ago. It existed during the Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras,breaking apart to form the continents we k (MORE)
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What caused Pangaea or Pangaea?

The creation of Pangaea was due to plate tectonics which causes continents to grow closer at times, and further apart at others.
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Why is Pangaea named Pangaea?

Pangaea is named Pangaea because it is Greek for all lands, which accurately describes Earth 200 million years ago.
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Did Pangaea have mountains?

Yes. The modern Appalachian Mountains are part of the remnantsof a major mountain range on Pangaea. . ADDED The rest of the remnants of the chain are the ScottishHighlands an (MORE)
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What is South Pangaea?

South Pangea is the seldom-heard off 8th continent. It is located below Flemland and in between Prussia and New Scottsdale. South Pangea became a country when it had seceded f (MORE)
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When was pangaea discovered?

It was discover in 1582. discovered by a explorer that everybody thinks that's not really important. His name was Ching Chow Ampletua
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Why was Pangaea effected?

There was a time, a time when the continents sat on the top of the mantle , one of Earth's layers. The supercontinent Pangaea was sitting on the top of themantle, too. Beca (MORE)
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Pangaea is where?

Pangea refers to the worlds first landmass, the earth consisted of one ocean and one "super continent". Pangea then split up into Gondwana and Laurasia