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What is Panthalassa?

Panthalassa means "all seas." It was the all the world's oceans that surrounded Pangaea before the continental drift occurred in the triassic period.
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Is it true that 220 million years there was only one large continent named Pangaea and one large ocean named Panthalassa?

It is unspecified by scientists, though they have theorized that Pangaea could have been a possibility, due to the fact that the continents are always moving. Plus, if there o ( Full Answer )
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Is the scientist who first proposed the existence of pangaea and panthalassa albert einstein alfred wegener isaac newton johannes kepler?

Alfred Wegener was a German weatherman (more specifically, a meteorologist at the University of Marburg) who wrote a book, "Die Entstehung der Kontinente und Ozeane," or "The ( Full Answer )