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What is pantheism?

The term 'pantheism' can be used in two different ways.Generally, it is the belief that the concept of god is identifiable with the forces of nature. In other words, there is (MORE)

What is unique about pantheism?

"Pan" = everything; "Theos" = god. The expression thus refers to a god that is equivalent to all universe and vice versa, to the whole of the universe, that is equivalent (MORE)

Who are the believers in pantheism?

Pantheism is no longer an active religion but has become a theology which can become incorporated into current religions. It is not simply believing in more than one god/godde (MORE)

Who created pantheism?

We could never narrow down one individual who first conjured up the idea of pantheism. Many older religious traditions express pantheist thought, including Kabalistic Judaism (MORE)
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What do pantheism think about career and money?

There is no single religion called "pantheism" and even if there were, its unlikely you would find more than a handful that agree with anyone else on specifics. However, as pa (MORE)

What do pantheism think about sexuality?

Pantheism teaches that there is not a personal creator god but rather than the Universe or Nature are to be worshipped/respected. Pantheism has seeds in Hinduism, Bhuddaism, a (MORE)

What is the meaning of pantheism?

Pantheism is derived from the Greek roots pan, meaning all, andtheos, meaning God. It is the belief that God is everywhere and inall things. People who believe in pantheism do (MORE)