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What are pantomimes?

pantomimes are plays of something that has already been made up e.g cinderella, beauty and the beast, oliver twist etc.

Why do you have Pantomimes?

The origins of Panto or pantomime are seated in the middle ages in the UK and some areas of France. The are a source of fun entertainment that took fairy stories and brought t (MORE)

What does pantomime mean?

Pantomine can be a noun or a verb. As a noun, it is dramatic expression of meaning through gestures that are accompanied by music. It originated in Rome.. In Britain, it is (MORE)

What is pantomime?

Pantomime is a type of theatre play where the actors don't use words, only gestures (mimics). . The act of conveying emotions, actions, and feelings without speech.. a) an (MORE)

Why were pantomimes invented?

Pantomimes were invented for many different reasons. However the main reason why they were invented is to entertain an audience and to express a fairytail story in a different (MORE)

Why is a pantomime called a pantomime?

The Latin word pantomimus was a mime actor, from Greek panto (all) and mimus (to mimic or copy). In one form of Roman theatrical pantomime, one actor played all the par (MORE)

What is the purpose of pantomimes?

Pantomime in its original form was the art or technique of conveying emotion by gestures, but without speech. In England it is a Theatrical spectacle at Christmas adapted from (MORE)