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Wht is the vpl in pantyhose?

Visible panty line. You usually don't have to worry about this with pantyhose as the garment is one piece. One of the main purposes of pantyhose is to rid yourself of the visi (MORE)

Why did they invent pantyhose?

Allen Gant Sr. introduced the first pair of pantyhose in 1959 with 3 generations of women having had the opportunity to wear waist-to-toe stockings and yes it was a man that i (MORE)
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Why are pantyhose popular?

I'd say that pantyhose are making a comeback from the 90's. I haven't changed my wearing habits as I love to wear pantyhose as I love how they make my legs look and feel.
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Who wears pantyhose more?

Women do. But men also wear. Nowadays more and more men are wearing pantyhose. You can find a lot of shops online where pantyhose for men are sold (and also pantyhose 'for w (MORE)

How do you spell pantyhose?

That is the correct spelling of "pantyhose" (an integrated panty with stockings*). (* "tights" in the UK)
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Why are pantyhose called pantyhose?

Originally pantyhose or tights were worn by men in Victorian times. They were worn like long socks or 'hose'. Women wore a longer version called stockings. As times moved on a (MORE)
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What is it like to have on a pair of pantyhose?

It's like a glorious second skin, a feeling that your legs are being caressed by wonderfully silky undergarments. There's nothing that finishes off a great pair of legs like a (MORE)
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How do they size pantyhose?

Pantyhose are sized based on height and weight. Most pantyhose packages have a size chart on the back so that you can determine the right size. If you're kind of in between si (MORE)

How do you put on pantyhose and high heels?

Putting on pantyhose is not hard. First, make sure that you don't have any hanging fingernails or rough skin on the hands. To be sure, you can use a pair of gloves to put them (MORE)