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What are the tenants of chivalry?

The 13 Principles of Chivalry 1. A True Knight must be a gentleman yet fails not to duty. 2. A True Knight must uphold the Dignity of Man and Woman, remembering that all a (MORE)

What is Chivalry?

Chivalry is a code (religious, moral and ethical) that knights inthe medieval times had to follow. Knights had to risk their livesand make sacrifices to help other people. In (MORE)

Why are the Papal States called Papal States?

The Papal States were also sometimes called the States of the Church, the Ecclesiastical States, or the Pontifical States, and they existed from roughly the sixth century to 1 (MORE)

Chivalry in a sentence?

Sir Gwaine always treated his enemies with utmost respect. This  chivalry prevented many battles that could have easily ended in  death.

Can you define Chivalry?

The literal meaning of chivalry is a body or unit of knights (Anglo-Norman French chevalerie). Today the word is used of a completely fictional idea of the "traditional" qua (MORE)

Facts about chivalry?

Chivalry is a system of ethical ideals and a set of guidelines for  proper knightly conduct. The main chivalric virtues included honor,  courtesy, piety, loyalty, chastity, (MORE)

Is chivalry dead?

One Answer: I would certainly say so, and most would, but perchance somewhere there is a valiant man- AHEM, I mean person- on planet Earth. Alternate answer: No. Chivalry is (MORE)