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What is the doctrine of Papal Infallibility?

Answer   Papal Infallibility is a doctrine of the Catholic Church that makes the Pope -head of the Bishops- responsible for his edicts in matters of faith and morals. By (MORE)
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Who has to kiss the pope's papal ring?

Anyone who meets with the pope. They do not have to kiss the ring, but kissing the ring is showing respect to the holy person of the Roman Catholic Church.
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What are the most popular papal names?

Papal names are often used again in honour of the saint that bore the name or out of respect and emulation of a previous pope who bore the name or because the meaning of the n (MORE)

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Why are the Papal States called Papal States?

The Papal States were also sometimes called the States of the Church, the Ecclesiastical States, or the Pontifical States, and they existed from roughly the sixth century to 1 (MORE)
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When was papal infallibility last invoked?

To the best of my knowledge the last time the pope spoke infallibly  was on October 17, 2010, when he canonized 6 new saints.    Answer:    The most recent use (MORE)
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Why are papal proclamations called bulls?

  A leaden seal is affixed around a cord and attached to the proclamation. These leaden seals are called bullae. Every papal proclamation has the papal bullae attached to (MORE)

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