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What is the paperclip conspiracy?

Someone started with a paper clip and traded up to a house..novel idea but I believe it would only work once...and somebody already did it... The other Paperclip Conspiracy r (MORE)

What is the volume of a paperclip?

Pour 25 mL of water into a 50 mL measuring cylinder. Drop in 100 paperclips. Read the new volume. Record the volume as V. Volume of 1 paperclip = (V - 25)/100
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What is the purpose of a paperclip?

  The first bent-wire paper clip was patented by Samuel B. Fay in 1867. This clip was originally intended primarily for attaching tickets to fabric, although the patent r (MORE)
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Why does a paperclip float?

Items needed. a tissue paper (half the size of a dollar bill) a paper clip a bowl full of water pencil with eraser method. 1. Fill the bowl with waterTry to make the paper c (MORE)
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How do you use a paperclip?

To temporarily keep papers together so that you can flip through them without dropping any or mucking up the order of the papers. Paperclips are normally metal or plastic and (MORE)
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Is a paperclip a conductor?

Those that are fabricated from metals are. Those that are fabricated from plastics are not.
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Is a paperclip an insulator?

That would depend on what the paper clip is made of. Plastic paper  clips would be insulators, metal paper clips would be conductors.
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