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What did the paperclip project have to do with the Holocaust?

  When Hitler invaded Norway, he prohibited the people from wearing any symbol representing their king. To protest this and Hitler's treatment of the Jews, Norwegians bega (MORE)

Who invented paperclips?

There are some articles talking about this in Wikipedia, but as I heard from my teacher who has lots of knowledge, it was invented by a child who was in school, playing with a (MORE)

Why do paperclips float on water?

Paper clips can float on water because their weight is insufficient to break the surface tension of the water.
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Should you worry you swallowed a paperclip?

A partially unfolded paperclip could puncture your intestine so if you don't see any sign of it in a day or two, you ought to get to your doctor. A punctured intestine will le (MORE)

Who invented the ordinary paperclip?

The first patent was awarded to Samuel B. Fay in 1867 and was a steel wire that bent into loops to hold paper together. The Gem Manufacturing Company produced them. John Vaale (MORE)
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Is a paperclip an insulator?

That would depend on what the paper clip is made of. Plastic paper  clips would be insulators, metal paper clips would be conductors.
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