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How do you know if informant is on your paperwork?

Unknown exactly what paoperwork you are referring to, however, if information or evidence supplied by a confidential informant is to be used against you in prosecution they wi (MORE)

What happens it the court loses the paperwork?

If the file is truly lost, then the court has the job of  reconstructing the contents of the lost file. Both parties or sides  will have to provide certified copies of all p (MORE)
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Can your parents sign your signature on government paperwork if you are under 18?

Answer . Yeah right if they want to get arrested !. Answer . \nMinors can sign tax returns at any age, the catch is, if there is a problem with the filing the parents o (MORE)

What are the annual paperwork and filing requirements for a nonprofit corp?

Answer   Not-for-profit status is determined by your state laws when the organization is formed. Tax-exempt status is recognized by the IRS based on information submitted (MORE)