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What is an example of an parable?

A parable reveals to the listener true religious doctrine exactly  in proportion to ones faith and intelligence. Intelligence in  respect to God is deemed as knowledge of th (MORE)

Why are there parables?

Answers   * Parables are what Christ used in the Bible to teach lessons. He used them to teach lessons to the children and everyone else, though only those who were willi (MORE)

What is a Zen parable?

A Zen parable is a short story open for interpretation by the reader or listener. There is no right or wrong interpretation as each person hearing it will interpret it from th (MORE)

How did Jesus the parables?

Parables were a great tool for Christ to use to explain the kingdom  of Heaven. Just like one would use real life situations to explain  a moral or concept. Though most of t (MORE)

What is all parables about?

  Parables are used to relate everyday understanding to those things which are spiritual. The hearer can picture in their head things physical and in their heart things th (MORE)
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What are characteristic of a parable?

Parables are stories, short and to the point. They usually have  human characters not animals and they usually use an everyday  thing/activity to describe a spiritual truth. (MORE)

What were Jesus' parables?

Jesus' parables were stories from everyday life use to illustrate a  spiritual point or message. To keep those blinded by their pride in  the dark, and to bring into the lig (MORE)

What genre is a parable?

Well, I can tell you that a sub genre of a parable is the  "exemplum" which is a story used to illustrate a point. Collections  of exempla (exemplums is also acceptable) hel (MORE)