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Why are there parables?

Answers   * Parables are what Christ used in the Bible to teach lessons. He used them to teach lessons to the children and everyone else, though only those who were willi (MORE)

What are parables?

A short story set firmly in reality, told to illustrate a moralor religious lesson . Instead of laying down rules for people to follow, Jesus toldstories. Everybody had diff (MORE)

Examples of parable?

stories that give lessons old testament 1. the walls of Jericho fall 2. dividing of the Jordan river 3. staying of the sun and the moon 4. death of uzzah when he tou (MORE)

What were Jesus' parables?

Jesus' parables were stories from everyday life use to illustrate a  spiritual point or message. To keep those blinded by their pride in  the dark, and to bring into the lig (MORE)

How did Jesus the parables?

Parables were a great tool for Christ to use to explain the kingdom  of Heaven. Just like one would use real life situations to explain  a moral or concept. Though most of t (MORE)

What were Jesus parables about?

The coming Kingdom of God. "...the Kingdom of Heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed..." (Matt.13:31). "...the Kingdom of Heaven is like unto leaven..." (verse 33). "...the (MORE)

How does a parable teach?

A parable is an illustration that puts something familiar alongside  something unfamiliar. A parable is similar to a fable or an  allegory or a proverb but parables are gene (MORE)