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What is an emu parade?

An emu parade is when group of children or adults is spread across any area. As they walk, they pick up any piece of rubbish they come across. In a short space of time, the ar (MORE)
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What is fluvial parade?

Fluvial Parades are basically only in the Philippines and means nothing else than a boat parade along a river or seashore, usually with a patron statue/Jesus/Mary on some of t (MORE)

What rhymes with parade?

Bade, bayed, obeyed, fade, jade, laid, made, maid, neighed, payed,  played, prayed, raid, stayed, spade, wade, weighed, dismayed
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What is the liberty parade?

Libery parade is an event that takes place once a year at the Black Sea In Romania where people gather fromm all around the country and world. 

Is the Mummers Parade the origin of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

No, the Mummers Parade is a New Year's Day tradition held in Philadelphia, PA, which is also home of the first Thanksgiving Day Parade, sponsored by Gimbel Brothers (Gimbels). (MORE)

What is the meaning of 'The Silence' by Mayday Parade?

Derek Sanders said they wrote it for the "Twilight: New Moon" soundtrack ("without his touch of skin so cold"). However, the sound never made it onto the soundtrack. The me (MORE)

What is the definition of parade?

  a large public procession, usally including a marching band and often of a festive nature, held in honor of an anniversary, person, event, etc.   a large public proce (MORE)