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What is parallel force?

Parallel forces are forces acting in parallel lines. If two parallel forces act in same direction, they are called like parallel forces. If two parallel forces act in opp (MORE)
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What are parallel characters?

Another character in the story which is the same or similar to the original character (i.e: has the same attributes)
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What is 49th parallel?

the 49th parallel is a line that cut America and Canada in half: My great, great grandfather made a farm and his farm was cut in half from the 49th parallel. ======= From Lake (MORE)

What is parallel montage?

  In the context of making a film - It is the conveying of a sense of the simultaneity of two actions taking place at a geographical distance by means of alternating shots (MORE)

What is Hebrew parallelism?

You may be referring to the parallelism in the Hebrew Bible. In the  system used by the Bible verses, many (but not all) of them are in  two halves which parallel each other (MORE)
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How do you parallel ski?

bassically, when skiing if you want to turn left u slightly put your left ski back and put more of your weight on it, then when you have completed the turn you put your ski's (MORE)