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What is 'paralysis of will'?

  Answer     It is the phenomenon experienced by those with ADD in which, when dealing with sudden stressful situations or confrontation, or while attempting to m (MORE)

What are migraines with paralysis?

  Migraines and Paralysis   A migraine that causes paralysis in one side of the body is called a hemiplegic migraine.     There are two kinds: Familial, where (MORE)

Do nose piercings cause paralysis?

  Paralysis is caused when there is damage to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) that prevents messages from being passed between the brain and the body. (MORE)

Can the paralysis be cured?

  As of now, there is no universal "cure" for paralysis. If a person is paralyzed due to an injury of the spinal cord, it is unlikely they will be able to recover enough f (MORE)

What are the symptoms for paralysis?

Common Symptoms of paralysis include Sudden severe headache Difficulty in Walking or talking. Extreme laziness. Blurriness in Vision. To Read More on symptoms of paraly (MORE)
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What caused Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep Paralysis is a spiritual phenomenon, related to demonic activity (ignore the medical 'experts'). Drugs, meditation, and other kinds of eastern spirituality will open the (MORE)