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What is paramecium?

Paramecia are single cell organisms usually less than one hundredth inch long. They are a genus of protozoa of the phylum Ciliophora. They feed mostly on bacteria. Parameciu (MORE)

Is Paramecium a phylum?

Paramecium is a genus. A phylum is a very large grouping, and in some cases different classifications use different names. Paramecium is sometimes placed in the phylum Cil (MORE)
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What is a paramecium?

A paramecium is a single celled organism that falls into the protist group Ciliophora. It has an oval shaped body & a reddish color. It reproduces by binary fission which is b (MORE)

Where are paramecium?

Paramecium is a singled cell organism. It belongs in the kingdom, protista, and the phylum, ciliaphora. This is often called "Lady Slipper". Cabeza de Vaca means"head of cow"

How do parameciums live?

they are found in lakes ,ponds and puddles they are constantly moving by beating rows of microscopic hairs, called cilia, that work like miniture oars. paramecium feeds on bac (MORE)

What is Paramecium and Amoeba?

PARAMECIUM: its a single celled organism, belonging to family protista, less than one-hundParameciumredth inch long. It can digest food, moves through water by the help of cil (MORE)

Are paramecium autogroph?

Autotrophs are producers, organisms able to make their own food such as plants or microorganisms which contain chlorophyll, for example. Paramecia are predators, not able to m (MORE)

What does the pellicle do in a paramecium?

The pellicle provides additional structure and support that a cell membrane lacks. The pellicle also provides an attachment site for external organelles used for motility, foo (MORE)