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What is paramecium?

Paramecia are single cell organisms usually less than one hundredth inch long. They are a genus of protozoa of the phylum Ciliophora. They feed mostly on bacteria. Parameciu ( Full Answer )
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What is the taxonomy of a paramecium?

Paramecium belongs to the genus unicellular ciliate protozoa. It isin the Eukarya Kingdom and the Protista Phylum is Ciliophora.
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Is a paramecium a cell?

It is a group of unicellular ciliate protozoa, which are commonlystudied as a representative of the ciliate group.
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What is a paramecium?

A paramecium is a single celled organism that falls into the protist group Ciliophora. It has an oval shaped body & a reddish color. It reproduces by binary fission which is b ( Full Answer )
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Where are paramecium?

Paramecium is a singled cell organism. It belongs in the kingdom, protista, and the phylum, ciliaphora. This is often called "Lady Slipper". Cabeza de Vaca means"head of cow"
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Is paramecium alive?

Yes, papramecia are single-celled living organisms generally classified with other similar organisms in the kingdom Protista.
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Is paramecium pathogenic?

yes and no. they are pathogenic because they harm and they arent pathogenic because they dont always harm and instead sometimes provide benefit to the host
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What are the advantages of a paramecium?

Some species of paramecium are readilycultivated and easy to conjugate and divide, making them useful inclassrooms and laboratories to study biological processes.
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How do you get paramecium?

I, myself tried this before. Paramecia live in fresh water ponds, so take a water sample of a freshwater pond.
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Do paramecium have ribosomes?

doi its a cell and cells need proteins to ur smart XP jk didnt mean that but they do ur welcome sweety