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What is religious paranoia?

Paranoia is an irrational fear of being purposefully attacked by an outside agent. Thus, an irrational fear of heights is not paranoia, because there's no outside agent purpos (MORE)

What is paranoia?

Paranoia is a psychological disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur. People with paranoia suffer from irrational fears that are not about a specific (MORE)

How do you not have paranoia?

You should discuss this issue with a mental health professional. If you cannot afford one, contact your local Mental Health Association for referrals to affordable treatment. (MORE)

How do you get paranoia?

I know a women suffering from paranoia. She is my friends wife. her husband is an state govt employee. after a repeated request application given to the govt for govt quarter (MORE)
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Paranoia in a sentence?

If someone's paranoid, they always think someone's out to get them or someone's following them. Because of this psychosis, they don't trust anyone and take extreme measures to (MORE)

Paranoia after use?

Sometimes, for some people. But its almost always genuinely unfounded paranoia and easy to recognize as thus

Do i suffer from paranoia?

Without any description of symptoms, it is impossible to know. While everyone suffers from some paranoid thoughts on occasion, if you feel that they are causing you problems y (MORE)
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What is the paranoia tradition?

the American public's tendency to sometimes believe that darkforces, invisible forces are at work behind the scenes that areconspiring to harm or take advantage of the public