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How do you paraphrase?

The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln Bliss Copy Ever since Lincoln wrote it in 1864, this versionhas been the most often reproduced, notably on the walls of theLincoln ( Full Answer )
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What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is taking a quote and cutting the fat. Kind of like putting someone else's words into your own words but still saying the same thing. Paraphrasing -Repeating w ( Full Answer )
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What is a paraphrase?

To paraphrase refers to the rewording or using different words toexpress something that was written or spoken by a particularwriter.
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What is paraphrase?

To paraphrase is to say the same thing with different words in the same language, as opposed to translation which is to say the same thing with different words in another lang ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition for paraphrase?

Putting an author's sentence in your own words To paraphrase means "to change the wording of a phrase or idea."This is usually done in order to achieve greater clarity or toex ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of a paraphrase?

Paraphrase is normally used in Book Reports or just plain talking to someone making sure you understand what they are saying. A paraphrase means to re-word what you heard or r ( Full Answer )
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What does a paraphrase do?

it helps you understand the information better and you won't have to write a bunch of unnecessary words
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What are paraphrases?

It is a restatement of a text or passage in a short form, often to clarify meaning.
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How do you write a paraphrase?

the most important reason school do not have a standardized dress code or school uniform policy is the resistance school would receive from parents ans students.
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What should you do when you paraphrase?

When paraphrasing you are basically restating something in your own words. Usually in relation to a published writing, or what someone said.