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How do you paraphrase?

You highlight the text you need . Then, you right click on your mouse. go to copy then you go to a page where you wanted to put the text. then right click on your mouse again. (MORE)

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is taking a quote and cutting the fat. Kind of like putting someone else's words into your own words but still saying the same thing. Paraphrasing -Repeating w (MORE)

What is a paraphrase?

To paraphrase refers to the rewording or using different words toexpress something that was written or spoken by a particularwriter.
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What is paraphrase?

To paraphrase is to say the same thing with different words in the same language, as opposed to translation which is to say the same thing with different words in another lang (MORE)
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The Highwayman paraphrased?

Stanza 1 This stanza tells about the setting of the poem. The setting is dark, windy and cloudy. The highwayman is riding up to the inn. Stanza 2 The appearance of the hig (MORE)

What are paraphrases?

It is a restatement of a text or passage in a short form, often to clarify meaning.
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