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Does paraplegia have any movement?

A paraplegic has very diminished or no movement from the "waist" down. The level of paralysis is contingent on where the damage to spinal cord occurs.
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Does paraplegia affect movement of legs?

Physical disabilities can be separated into 2 main categories - quadriplegic and paraplegic. Since "Quad" means 4, quadriplegia results in paralysis of both upper and lower li (MORE)
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What sports can people with paraplegia play?

Team sports are: Wheel Chair Basketball, some Track and Field games, Relay Races, and Rugby, also well known as Murderball. Solo Events: Shooting, Weight Lifting, and Archery (MORE)

Can paraplegia be treated controlled or prevented?

Paraplegia is a decreased level of function in the lower limbs; in American English this is often assumed to be synonymous with leg paralysis. Treatment is based upon maintain (MORE)