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Is parapsychology science?

Parapsychology has not been accepted by other sciences (e.g. biology, physics, etc... or even psychology, for the matter) as a "true" science. Other sciences do not recognize (MORE)

Why is parapsychology studied?

Parapsychology is studied for many reasons, two stand out: understanding the relationship between brain and mind, and studying apparently anomalous phenomena.. The study of c (MORE)
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What is parapsychology?

parapsychology is the investagation of people who claim to have abilities that have not been explained by science.

Is there a school for parapsychology?

Yes! The School of Parapsychology provides you with an educational opportunity to study online all aspects of parapsychology, broadly defined as the scientific study of the pa (MORE)
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Who is the father of parapsychology?

The father of parapsychology has to be the first person who joined the word para and psychology together and derived that anything para is known as abnormal, or perhaps this i (MORE)

Is parapsychology wrong?

Parapsychology is a study of the paranormal through the use of the scientific method. Its "rightness" or "wrongness" is a matter of perspective. If you believe that the par (MORE)
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Can you learn parapsychology and how?

Parapsychology is a science devoted to research into the nature of human perception and related matters. The research is primarily conducted in academic settings. Most researc (MORE)