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What is parasitism of a savanna?

Parasitism in a biome of such is quite similar to other biomes as well. It involves a parasite such as a tick or other bloodsucker in the ecosystem. This parasite could be fea (MORE)
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What are parasites?

Parasites are living organisms that live and feed on an organism's or host's body. They jump from one host to the other damaging the body as they go along the most common carr (MORE)

Is centipede a parasite?

especially,centipedes are just myriapod animals that belong to the subphylum of anthropods,the largest group of invertebrates in the animal world.centipedes are not parasitic (MORE)
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Is a lichen a parasite?

A lichen is not generally considered to be a parasite. A lichen is composed of two organisms in a symbiotic association. They are a fungus and a photosynthetic partner, usua (MORE)

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What is parasitism?

Parasitism is where a parisite benefits from a host.    An example is a roundworm inside of a dog.
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What is a parasitic organism?

A parasitic organism is a life-form that can not sustain life without another living creature or plant. It often lack the ability to "digest" food and utilize a host by drain (MORE)
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Are planarians parasitic?

  Planarians are free living and not parasitic. Other classes of their phylum, including flukes and tapeworms, are parasitic when they live inside another organism.
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Can you get a parasite from contacts?

yes, you can. If you wash your contacts with tapwater, you can get an infection in your eye. Always make sure you keep your contacts clean and clean it with the solution your (MORE)