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What is parchment?

Parchment is paper, with a particular thickness, dryness, and absorption quality with no toxic additives used in cooking (usually baking, steaming, or roasting). You can purch (MORE)

What rhymes with parchment?

garment, ardent, sergeant, constant, solvent, convent, allotment, disbarment, sapient, quadrant, emollient, undergarment, involvement, respondent, despondent, insolvent, incon (MORE)

What a parchment?

Parchement, is a short form for Parchement Paper. It is just like wax paper, but it is safe for things like baking, micrwaving, etc.
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What is a baking parchment?

Baking parchment is also called parchment paper and is available in most grocery stores. Parchment looks and feels like unwaxed wax paper.

What is a parchment barrier?

A parchment barrier refers to state that the rights written onparchment are ineffective at protecting anyone. James Madisonoriginally coined this phrase.