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Salary in 1928?

The average salary in 1928 was $1400 per year. A brand new home  could be purchased for $4000 in the year 1928.
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Where is Paris?

Paris is located in the north of France at the heart of theIle-de-France region. It sits on the Siene River. It is the capitalof France and the most populous city there.
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Who was Paris?

Answer   Paris was a younger son of Priam, King of Troy, who won from Aphrodite the right to choose the most beautiful woman in the world. As a result, he eloped with Hel (MORE)

Who was the president in 1928?

This depends on the country or organization. See related questions or re-ask your question. US: John Calvin Coolidge Jr. In 1928, Calvin Coolidge was finishing his second te (MORE)

Inventions in 1928?

Some things that were invented in 1928 are the ice cube tray, and  the electric razor. Other items on the list are the negative  pressure ventilator and Freon. Penicillin wa (MORE)