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What were clemenceau's motives at Paris peace conference?

Clemenceau's motive was to cripple Germany for invading France twice (in 1870 and ww1) and for causing devastation and economical collapse on France and its industries. He was (MORE)

Who were The Big 4 at the Paris Peace Conference?

Thirty Two different countries met in Paris on January 1919 to decide what to do with defeated Axis Powers. Four men took charge, called 'The Big Four' - David Lloyd George, P (MORE)
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Which countries did not attend the Paris peace conference?

After both World Wars, Paris Peace conferences were held to create treaties, ending the war. The treaties created new borders and made financial arrangements to repay the cost (MORE)

Who signed the Paris peace accords?

On January 27, 1973, the Paris Peace Accords were signed with the  goal of ending American involvement in Vietnam. The signers were  North Vietnam, South Vietnam, the United (MORE)

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