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Why do you get ridges in your fingernails?

Koilonychia is usually caused through iron deficiency anemia. these nails show raised ridges and are thin and concave. Seek a physicians advice and treatment.   Vertical Ri (MORE)

What is Soapstone Ridge?

Soapstone Ridge is a mafic-ultramafic geological complex located in the Piedmont region, south-east of Atlanta, Georgia on a 25-square mile area in DeKalb County and neighbori (MORE)

What is a glacial ridge?

A glacial ridge could be defined as several things: - An arête: a steep-sided ridge between two valleys that were formed by glaciers. - corries: formed through glacier ac (MORE)
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What are ridges?

A ridge is a row of hills or mountains. Is also a term for an areaof the ocean floor, as well as an area of high pressure.
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Are there gangs in park ridge IL?

yes there is a growing gang presence that i believe the police task  force is unaware of or ignoring it. Latin Kings, Gangster  Disciple's, Folks, Serenos 13 are the most co (MORE)