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Why do you get ridges in your fingernails?

Koilonychia is usually caused through iron deficiency anemia. these nails show raised ridges and are thin and concave. Seek a physicians advice and treatment.   Vertical Ri (MORE)

What is an ocean ridge?

An ocean ridge is a line of mountains in middle of the ocean under the level of water.
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Why is Illinois named Illinois?

Like many states in America, especially in the Midwest, the name of Illinois comes from the native tribes that lived there when the white men first came - the Illinois people. (MORE)

What is Soapstone Ridge?

Soapstone Ridge is a mafic-ultramafic geological complex located in the Piedmont region, south-east of Atlanta, Georgia on a 25-square mile area in DeKalb County and neighbori (MORE)

What is a glacial ridge?

A glacial ridge could be defined as several things: - An arête: a steep-sided ridge between two valleys that were formed by glaciers. - corries: formed through glacier ac (MORE)

Are there Peacocks in Illinois?

Yes I have a female peacock in my back yard currently. I don't believe it's supposed to be here..... but it is.
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What are ridges?

A ridge is a row of hills or mountains. Is also a term for an areaof the ocean floor, as well as an area of high pressure.
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Are there gangs in park ridge IL?

yes there is a growing gang presence that i believe the police task  force is unaware of or ignoring it. Latin Kings, Gangster  Disciple's, Folks, Serenos 13 are the most co (MORE)