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What is Parkinsonism disease?

it is a disease that makes your hand shake,and it is hard to eat or use your hands. i know this because my grandma has this. :(

What are the earliest symptoms of Parkinsons Disease?

  Early symptoms of Parkinson's Disease are subtle and occur gradually. Affected people may feel mild tremors or have difficulty getting out of a chair. They may notice (MORE)

Is parkinsons disease a genetic disease?

Most people with Parkinson's disease have idiopathic Parkinson's disease (having no specific known cause). A small proportion of cases, however, can be attributed to known gen (MORE)

How do you get parkinson disease?

It is believed to be a genetic condition in most cases. The people are born with he condition, but it does not develop recognizable symptoms until they are older.    In (MORE)

Why do people get parkinson disease?

It is a degeneration of dopaminerge neurons in substantia nigra in the brain, which results in less excitatory and inhibitory dopamine to the basal ganglia. The reasons for th (MORE)