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Does England have a parliament?

  * The United Kingdom has a parliament, which legislates for the country as a whole. (But see below).  * Scotland has its own parliament, which legislates for many matte (MORE)

Why do we need a Parliament?

you need a parliament to ensure that you have freedom of speech,  movements and association, and to ensure that there is no misuse of  authority by elected leaders as consti (MORE)

What is the Parliament of England?

  Parliament, (the name derives from the French verb 'parlez'- to talk) is the legislative and oversight forum of the government, in the United Kingdom. This forum actua (MORE)

What was the rump parliament?

The Rump Parliament is the name of the English Parliament after Colonel Pride purged the Long Parliament on 6 December 1648 of those members hostile to the Grandees' intention (MORE)

What rhymes with Parliament?

    Doesn't that depend on which element/part of the word requires the rhyme? For instance, the last syllable has numerous rhymes: fundament, permanent, etc. The first (MORE)

How many parliaments are there?

There 4 parliaments in the UK There are 3 local parliaments The parliament of Scotland The Assembly of Wales The parliament of Northern Ireland, also known as Stormont (MORE)

How does Parliament work?

The Houses of Parliament are two individual houses. The House of Commons, which is comprised of elected Members of Parliament (MPs) and the House of Lords, comprised of indivi (MORE)
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What is a whip in Parliament?

Parliamentary Whip - A party manager in Parliament who is responsible for organising members of his or her party to take part in debates and votes, and who assists in arrangin (MORE)