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Why did the parliamentarians win the civil war?

Both Naseby & Marston Moor were decicive battles: The Roundheads had better equipment and were better led, although the Royalist cavalry were, by and large, better, there were (MORE)

What is a parliamentarian?

First answer: A person or some people from parliament :D Second Answer: Basically in the civil war there were The Roundheads ( the new model army) and they supported Parliame (MORE)

What does a parliamentarian do?

A parliamentarian is someone who ensures proper conduct of ameeting. In terms of government, a parliamentarian is someone whoproposes new legislation or engages in debates, as (MORE)
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What was a parliamentarian?

a parliamentarian is a consultant who advises the presiding officer and other officers, commits and members on matters of parliamentary procedure. parliamentarians are freque (MORE)