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When did Parsis start?

Answer . The Parsis are Zoroastrians who emigrated from Persia to India somewhere between the 8th and 10th Centuries CE.\nThey were escaping from Muslim persecution in Per (MORE)

Can a parsi family adopt a parsi child?

Of course - not sure why this question arise in the first place. A caring parent needs a child and the child looks upon someone for support - the parent. Then where is there r (MORE)

How do you wear parsi saree?

the parsi sari is worn quite the same way as the gujarati sari. but with only difference that the pallu is brought longer on the front side in comparision to the gujarati one. (MORE)

Is john Abraham a parsi?

No. John Abraham is not a parsi. He is a Syrian Christian. He was born in the Christian family. They brought him up and then he became an actor.

What is the place where parsi go pray?

It is called an Agiary, a temple that has a fire that was eitherformed one of the 16 sacred ways or taken from the big fire templein Udvada, India (which was created by lighte (MORE)