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When did Parsis start?

Answer . The Parsis are Zoroastrians who emigrated from Persia to India somewhere between the 8th and 10th Centuries CE.\nThey were escaping from Muslim persecution in Per (MORE)

What book do Parsis consider holy?

The religious texts of the Zoroastrian (Parsis) are The Avesta collection of the sacred texts, these are complemented by several secondary works of religious or semi-relig (MORE)

Name of the holy book of parsi?

Short Answer : Avesta Long answer: The name "Parsi" which can be translated as "Persian" refers to the followers of the Iranian profet Zoroaster. Parsi belive in God and two (MORE)

What is the place of worship called for parsi?

an agiary or a fire temple or a satesh gah which is justa fire bascically. there are many types Atash Dadgah The Atash Dadgah is the lowest grade of sacred fire, and can (MORE)

Can a parsi family adopt a parsi child?

Of course - not sure why this question arise in the first place. A caring parent needs a child and the child looks upon someone for support - the parent. Then where is there r (MORE)
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What is the admission procedure in mama parsi?

i live in canada and my kids they are in grade 5 and grade 3 and other one she will go in jk so do you have any facility for foriegner? or what is your addmission proess pl gu (MORE)
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Which community does a Parsi belong to?

A Parsi is a Persian member of the Zoroastrian community in India. The ancestors of present day Parsis emigrated from Iran to Gujarat in India many centuries ago.