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Do you need to take SAT to get into Parsons new school of design?

  yes, the SATs are a required part of the admissions process. HOWEVER, much more emphasis is placed on the quality of your portfolio. i know plenty of people who have got (MORE)

Do fashion designer have to go to school?

Well I would think it would be difficult for someone to try to get into the fashion designing without any formal training. There are schools out there such as FIDM/The Fashion (MORE)

Who designed the new twin towers?

About the Designers of the Twin Towers II Plan Kenneth L. Gardner, a graduate of Rutgers College of Engineering specializing in structural design, worked on various design pro (MORE)

How long is fashion design school?

Well it depends on where you attend fashion college. FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA has two year associates programs, professional designation degree p (MORE)

Where is the best fashion design school?

That's a great question because location is super important! I'm sure that people will have their opinions about which location is the best but in my opinion, FIDM is in LA an (MORE)