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What is the main purpose of a particle accelerator?

The main purpose of a particle accelerator is to generate  synchrotron radiation or to smash atomic nuclei together or into a  target to see what is produced from the energy (MORE)
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How many particle accelerators in America?

22 particle accelerators are located in the US, 78 in the world. 88" Cycl. 88-Inch Cyclotron, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), Berkeley, CA ALS Advanced Light Source, Law (MORE)

Does a particle moving in a straight line have acceleration?

A particle moving in a straight line may or may not have acceleration. Acceleration is adifferent phenomenon altogether. the rate of change of velocity is acceleration, a part (MORE)

How does a particle accelerator produce antimatter?

Antimatter is formed using particle accelerator which shoot protons at near the speed of light and collide two protons this creates 2 anti protons. it also creates mini black (MORE)
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What is IHC CERN particle accelerator?

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is an experimental piece of equipment which is providing data on the beginning of the universe and how atoms are made. It simulates what happ (MORE)