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How do you partition a system partition?

You can do it in 2 ways:   1:you can try disk management,You can change/make partitions on  your hard disk even when there are still files on it   2:you can try thr (MORE)

Function of statistics?

Statistics refers to the collection, analysis, interpretation and  presentation of data. Its functions include presenting facts in  simple form, testing hypothesis, facilita (MORE)

Functions of statistics in business?

let us briefly discuss some of the important functions of statistics. 1. Presents facts in. simple form: Statistics presents facts and figures in a definite form. That ma (MORE)
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What are the different functions of statistics?

Functions of Statistics: Statistics can be used for various purposes. 1) Simplification of mass data: Simplification of complex data and decision making for Managers has bec (MORE)

Function of statistics in business?

it helps in collecting data in a systematic manner. it helps in presenting collected data in a logical form. it helps in highlighting important points of the collected data. i (MORE)

What is the function of the mechanical stage of a microscope?

Hi there this DUNESHKE folks the function of the Mechanical stage is to permit easy manipulation of the view of the specimen. Commonly, mechanical stages are equipped with t (MORE)

Is there any exsistence of particle that can obey both quantum mechanics as well as statistical mechanics simultaneously?

Quantum mechanics deals with things on the atomic and subatomic level. Statistical mechanics deals with large systems, on the order of 10^23 particles. So those are currently (MORE)

What is a primary partition and an extended partition?

In the days of MS-DOS, Microsoft deemed that no single hard drive  would ever need more than four file systems at once. So in order to  make things simple, Microsoft only ga (MORE)