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Function of statistics?

Statistics refers to the collection, analysis, interpretation and  presentation of data. Its functions include presenting facts in  simple form, testing hypothesis, facilita (MORE)

Functions of statistics in business?

let us briefly discuss some of the important functions of statistics. 1. Presents facts in. simple form: Statistics presents facts and figures in a definite form. That ma (MORE)
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What are the different functions of statistics?

Functions of Statistics: Statistics can be used for various purposes. 1) Simplification of mass data: Simplification of complex data and decision making for Managers has bec (MORE)

Function of statistics in business?

it helps in collecting data in a systematic manner. it helps in presenting collected data in a logical form. it helps in highlighting important points of the collected data. i (MORE)

What is the function of the mechanical stage of a microscope?

Hi there this DUNESHKE folks the function of the Mechanical stage is to permit easy manipulation of the view of the specimen. Commonly, mechanical stages are equipped with t (MORE)

Mechanical parts of microscope and its function?

The Mechanical Parts are: The base - the bottom portion of the microscope that supports the microscope.Pillar - the part above the base that supports other partsInclination j (MORE)

What is the difference between Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics?

Statistical mechanics studies many particle systems in which only macroscopic quantities can be measured, quantum mechanics study dynamics of one or several elementary particl (MORE)

What is the difference between logical functions and statistical functions in Excel?

They are completely different. Statistical functions are based onnumbers for things like averages, highest, lowest, count and manyother functions that statisticians use. Logic (MORE)

When and why would you use statistical functions in a worksheet?

Some of the most commonly used functions in a worksheet arestatistical functions. These would include functions to getaverages, highest values, lowest values, amounts of value (MORE)