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Who was responsible for partition of India?

Most Indians say and believe that Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah were the two persons responsilble for the partion. Having no choice left but to quit, the British was also equa (MORE)

What were some effects of the partition of India?

The Partition, most importantly, gave rise to the independent state of Pakistan (which then included Bangladesh as 'East Pakistan') and divided the British occupied landmass o (MORE)
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Why did the partition of India happen?

Muslims feared that their rights would not be protected in a land where Hindus were the majority. Well that is the simplest answer that anyone can give, but there were many ot (MORE)

Why did the partitioning of India cause violence?

A family has been living in the same town for generations. Then one  day a person decides that all of the family should migrate / walk  to another town/city in another count (MORE)

What lead to the partition of India?

The different missions sent to India which supported the Muslim League.The policy of Divide and Rule followed by the British.The communal riots which had broken inside the cou (MORE)

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