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Who is Ollie's partner?

Ollie's partner is a popular crossword puzzle clue. The answer is  Stan Laurel, one half of the famous comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy.  Ollie was one of Oliver Hardy's nicknam (MORE)
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If you have an STD will your partner get it?

Not necessarily but the chances of your partner contracting std's is higher. More than likely, yes, if you do not use condoms. It's essential that you tell your partner as soo (MORE)
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Grammatically which is correct my partner and me or my partner and I?

My partner and I is correct only as the  SUBJECT of a verb.   For example:   My partner and I will be married soon.   My partner and I are going to a movie.   (MORE)

Who was Cleopatra's partner?

Marc anthony, but only in a political sense. Cleopatra's co-ruler or partner was her son, Ptolemy XV, known by his nickname, Caesarion.
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How do you get partners on Howrse?

to get partners you go to my friend's page and go to add a partner and it should be next to edit and click that and they will be your partner click edit and then it say's part (MORE)

What is the perfect partner?

  Answer   your compliment. your balance. someone significant but not idolized. someone with similar goals. Some one to share experiences and reflect and learn with. (MORE)

What rhymes with partners?

acres actors adders aiders alders altars alters amblers amperes anchors anders angers anglers answers antlers arbors archers ardors armors ashlars askers augers augurs authors (MORE)
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Who are the partners in a mycorrhizae?

In a mycorrhizal relationship a fungus is partnered with a plant. The fungus benefits by receiving carbon, which is the basic component of life and which the fungus cannot f (MORE)

How do you excite a partner?

With confidence, kindness, patience, and mystery; eye contact, body  language, a gentle touch, and the softest sweetest whisper of her  name, drawn out very slowly and passi (MORE)