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Who is your soul partner?

Your soul partner is that person who touches you so deeply that it goes beyond physical sensations. I knew my wife was the right one for me after one week, I felt like askin (MORE)

Can you get chlamydia if you and your partner have not had other partners?

Chlamydia can be spread by oral, anal, and vaginal sex; by genital-genital contact; and by birth to a woman who had chlamydia. If you and your partner have none of these risks (MORE)
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Grammatically which is correct my partner and me or my partner and I?

My partner and I is correct only as the  SUBJECT of a verb.   For example:   My partner and I will be married soon.   My partner and I are going to a movie.   (MORE)
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WHO is rupaul's partner?

Never a long term partner. Most would be surprised to know how much of a complete homebody he is. He also enjoys Wed eve Gay roller skating night at Burbank roller rink. He en (MORE)
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Who is the partner of asuka?

she has no partner. she is the cousin of Jin Kazama but she has no romantic relationship to anybody.
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What is good partner?

A good partner is someone you can truly be yourself around. You can tell them anything, talk about any subject, and they will be willing to listen. Of course, relationships ar (MORE)

What is a income partner?

For some information about a partnership go to the IRS gov web site and use the search box for Publication 541 go to chapter Forming a Partnership An unincorporated organizati (MORE)