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What is a partnership?

Indian partnership act of 1932. Sec-4 of this act defines partnership as "A relationship between persons who have agreed to share their profits and losses of a business carrie ( Full Answer )
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How do the articles of partnership affect the partnership?

Answer . A Partnership Agreement (actual name of the document) dictates how the company is controlled, who has what powers, how the earnings / profits / capital is allocat ( Full Answer )
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Advantages of a partnership?

Main advantages would be 1) You bring in experties. 2) Larger Investments. 3) Share holding pattern reduces business risk. 4)Transperancy is maintained or enforced. 5)re ( Full Answer )
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What are the classifications of partnership?

partnerships can be broadly classified as universal partnerships orparticular partnerships. They can then be further classified aseither a general partnership or a limited par ( Full Answer )
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What is a partnership company?

A partnership is a company started by two or more people.Partnerships are good because you can work through the problemswith someone else.
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In a partnership who is responsible for the partnership debts?

Absent an express agreement otherwise, the general default rule is that all of the partners share the profits and losses of the partnership equally. In other words, all of the ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a partnership with YouTube?

You Have to get alot of views first! I am myself a partner. You have to have good video view stats, a good subscriber count, a good daily view count..etc.. Numbers to ( Full Answer )
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How are partnerships managed?

With IT service providersUK , you get access to a large teamof experienced individuals who are always available to ensure thatyour infrastructure is available and ready when ( Full Answer )
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What is live in partnership?

you are not married but live together and have a relationship through living in the same place, its very similar to having a boyfriend or a girlfriend but is usually more seri ( Full Answer )
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What is a domestic partnership?

its a relationship between two people, that aren't married. Usually domestic partnership is referring to a relationship of homosexuals Two people that are not married, that ( Full Answer )